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    Addicting Weaver's Advantage

    Addicting Weaver has extensive experience developing, and optimizing website designs for businesses and has worked on more websites then any other website design company in Ontario. Addicting Weaver has lovingly developed Brilliance, Addiction, Dream; the three being high-grade CSS files. The css files are used for web production at lightning fast speeds (meaning low cost to you); are used to create webpages that are highly attractive, are responsive, and yield low bounce rates. This gives us an unfair advantage compared to some freelancers and website design agencies, as the cost we charge for website design is lower then most, and are high-quality. More about these CSS files below



    01. Company History

    Addicting Weaver started in 2016; however, the team has had up to 8 years experience providing website design and seo services to business owners.

    02. Company Profile

    Addicting Weaver was started by Luke who serves as CEO. All though some of the team that works with Luke is located in Ontario, majority of the team that works for Addicting Weaver resides in other countries around the world.

    03. Company Aim

    It is Addicting Weavers aim to be an industry leader, providing affordable and effective services to aid business owners, and to continue to innovate.

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    Addicting Weaver's Web Solutions For Individuals and Business Owners

    Addicting Weaver provides services from website design and seo to small, medium, and enterprize businesses. Addicting Weaver has been rated #1 for creating high-quality and low bounce rate website designs. Addicting Weaver's services and assets are effective and affordable.

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    Addicting Weaver's Website Design and SEO Services Are The Ultimate Addiction

    Addicting Weaver's Advantage Results in Lower Costs and Higher-Quality

    By using our Brilliance, Addiction, and Dream files, Addicting Weaver can perform rapid web development, and complete 5-page sites within 2-4 hours total. Addicting Weaver offers it advantageous services to companies. A brief description of the three css files are right below.


    Has The Most Prominent Effect On Web Pages


    Causes The Web Pages To Respond To Users And Devices


    Causes Elements To Move, and Animate Into Vision

    The Future Can Be Yours... Let Addicting Weaver Help You

    Addicting Weaver is Future Driven

    We Have a Passion For Your Future

    Addicting Weaver has it's sights on the future of your business, the potential positive image of your company to your customers, and the future increases in revenue from your Addicting Weaver website design and SEO campaigns. We win more often, and we can help you win more often too with your future Addicting Weaver alliance!

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